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The dashboard is the place to check how your PR is performing in real-time. Drag and drop the dashboard to suit your needs by clicking any report and dragging it to a new position. You can also remove any of the dashboard reports by clicking the icon or add them in by clicking the reports listed bottom left by clicking the icon.

Your logo goes here
Membership level
Average number of journalists that press releases were sent to this month
Other dashboards can be accessed here by clicking on the icon
Top searches: that journalists have performed
New journalists that have registered in the past 30 days
Latest PR Calendar
Monthly downloads over time
International downloads by location
Total Downloads
Latest Tweets
Add Social Accounts

Press office settings

Set up and preview your branded Press Office here. You can select the URL you want, the colour, add social media links and more. Finally you can preview it to ensure your press office is exactly how you want it.

Once it’s setup you can share the Press Office URL with journalists via social media, your email signature and on your company website.

1. Set up your branded Press Office
2. Preview your branded Press Office
This shows you how your Press Office will appear when accessed via the URL you selected in the previous stage
Website URL for your press office
Colour scheme for your press office
Images selected here feature more prominently
This displays next to the Top 3 images selected above
Social media links

Account Details

Add or edit your account details including contact information, password, billing details and company description. Please keep this up to date so your account runs smoothly.

Log-in email: use to access your account
Password: used to access your account
Contact details
Billing details
Company description

PR Contact/Stockist Details

This is where you can add contact details for your PR agency and stockist information (if relevant).
These details are used by journalists if they wish to make contact so it's important they're correct. Journalists will receive the contact / stockist details for their local country. If you do not have a local presence, they will receive the default details.

Depending on whether you've selected to engage in PR internationally (in International Settings) you will have the ability to add PR contact / stockist information for different countries, for example you may have your main PR agency based in the UK but have local PR agencies in France and the US, in which case you will need to add create contact details for the 3 territories.

Note access to the above features depends on your membership level (see the Membership Details menu) in your account.

Default country for PR contact / stockist information
PR contact / stockist information for another territory: add details for each country you're active in
Add new PR contact / stockist tab: click this to add a new contact
Save: don't forget to save any changes you make.

Edit images

This page allows you to edit your currently uploaded images. Images that are not suitable to be shown live on the site are flagged with messages to help you see what's wrong. Click on the entries themselves to correct the issues. Live images can also be controlled using a number of tools as shown.

Image is incomplete: means information is missing like the description and not live. Click on it to complete the entry.
Image is too small: the image is too small and not live. It should be more than 100KB in size.
Image is too large: the image is too large and not live. It should be less than 8MB in size.
Image thumbnail
Image reference number
File size
Pixel dimension
Date approved
Date added
Number of times it has been downloaded
Number of clicks it has had
Hide from public view
Select image: used when deleted many images

Upload images

This section enables you to upload product images and add product information to it. If you wish to promote internationally, then you have options to enter additional information for journalists and bloggers in other countries.

1. Select the image(s) you want to upload OR drag and drop them from your desktop
2. If the image uploads correctly you will see a message. Then click 'Edit images'
3. Edit image: add all other product information
Product image thumbnail
Product name
Image style: describes how the image is presented
Product link: link to your website
Product price: if you've selected to promote internationally, this price will be shown in the journalist's local currency. We'll use an automatic conversion unless you enter in local currency equivalents in the fields shown.
Product release date: you can embargo your product entry and make sure it only appears when you release it in the future.
Categories: select the appropriate product categories
Keywords: enter keywords to describe the product. You may see a matching list of keywords that you can select from. If you select from this list it means they will already have been translated for you (if you've chosen to promote internationally).
Description: add a product description. If you want to promote internationally, it's best to add one for each language, however if you don;t international journalists have access to an automated translation tool.

Download report

This is where you can see the detail of how many product image downloads you've had, what was downloaded, when, by whom and which publication they're working for.

This is important so you can see performance over time and look out for your products being featured.;

Filter downloads by image resolution
Order downloads by date
Select date range
View more downloads
Export as CSV
Export as PDF
Email PDF to PR contact
Image thumbnail
Indicates 'High Res' image
Country of the publication
Product name
Download date
Journalist's email address
Publication name and publication date. Note, should the journalist have downloaded a product image for research purposes, that information will be displayed here instead.

Export Data

Export all of the images you've add to Press Loft or just the live ones.

Additional information such as the associated product information can also be exported.

Create press release

Creating a press release follows a four stage process. Use the tools to create the press release and hit the 'Submit Press Release' button once you're ready to send it out.

1. Give your press release a title
2. Choose a design template
3. Enter and format the content
4. Choose the date of release
The Main Toolbar
Change design height
Download as image
Convert ot old press release template
Add text
Save design as a template
Text Box Toolbar
Format Font tools
Lock position of objects
Change font color
Font size
Font alignment tools
Change transparency
Bring forward
Send to back

View press releases

See which press releases you've drafted, which ones you've submitted to go out in the future and which have already been sent.

Here you can click to edit your draft releases, send a test email or delete.

For releases due to be sent or sent, you can tweet or view them.

Edit design
Edit info
Send test email
Delete press release
Draft press release: not yet sent
Submitted press release:
Sent press release: shown with release date
View press releases
View press release statistics
Tweet press release

View journalist requests

This page displays requests from journalists which they post when they're looking for information or assistance to write an article, so they can be a great way to get easy coverage.

Requests will list on this page if they are still within their deadline date.

To view a request, click the 'View' button to the right of the request and it will display a pop-up with the request details. If you feel you can help out with a relevant response then click the 'Reply' button.

View journalist requests
2. Respond to a journalists request
Deadline: the deadline dor the request
Requested: the date the journalist request was added
Publication: the publication the request is for
Name: the journalist or bloggers name
'View' button
Send your images to this journalist: Either use Press Loft to send your images to journalists from your image library; all information is then saved in your download reports. (link) Or you can email them using the email address given in the Request.

Journalist Requests Settings

This allows you to set which journalists' requests you see listed on the 'View journalist requests' page. Select to view requests from journalists in selected countries and from selected category types.

Country selector: to view requests from journalists in certain countries. The countries shown will reflect what you selected as your 'Ship to' countries in 'International Settings'
Category selector: to view requests related to certain categories. Double click to select.
Save: don't forget to save your settings.

PR calendar

1. Search for events
Long lead date: send your press releases close to this date to meet the deadline for long lead magazines. (e.g. monthly glossy magazines)
Short lead date: send your press releases close to this date to meet the deadline for short lead magazines. (e.g. weekly magazines and newspapers)
Search: find events by name and event topics to plan your PR
More detail icon: click this to read more details about the event
Event ordering: change the order of events
Name of Event
Date of event
Flag: shows the country where the event occurs (depends on your 'Site Settings')
2. Event details
Name of Event
Event details
Event topics to consider writing about

Journalist Database

Here’s where you can upload, view and maintain your important journalist contacts. Once uploaded you’ll be able to see your contacts and order them in a variety of ways for example by publication, surname, date added, etc.

In addition, if you’ve uploaded a journalist contact and they subsequently download an image, you’ll see the additional details that you’ve added here along with the standard download details.

1. Upload existing journalist contacts
Search for contacts
Delete contact
Move to next page
Upload your existing journalist contacts by selecting a csv format file from your desktop. Microsoft Excel can create a csv file for you. Files needs to be < 8MB.
Add another contact
Change order of contacts
A-Z list of contacts
2. View existing journalist contacts
3. Maintain lists
Contact information
Delete list
View lists
Number of contacts on list